Questions you may be asked in an interview (and how to prepare for them)

Interviews can be nerve-wrecking. It is always a good idea to do an interview if you are offered one, even if you aren’t that excited about the possibility of working there or had other plans. I would say practice makes perfect, but there is no such thing as a perfect interview. The more practice youContinue reading “Questions you may be asked in an interview (and how to prepare for them)”

Keep fit🎳

Everybody has their own way of how they like to exercise and keep fit, and everybody has different fitness levels as well as their own opinions on how much exercise is too much, why they exercise and what their favourite way to exercise is. I used to gym quite regularly. Before joining the gym IContinue reading “Keep fit🎳”

Let me take a selfie🤳

We are living a selfie-obsessed, narcissistic culture. Social media websites, gadgets and devices have never been more up to date. I truly believe that there are some guys out there who take more selfies than me. The other day I spent ten minutes taking selfies with the new snapchat filters and it felt strange. IContinue reading “Let me take a selfie🤳”

Yoga and meditation🧘

I have recently started doing yoga and meditating more often. I was secretary of the yoga society at University this year, where I met lots of wholesome, likeminded people and helped organise events such as a morning swimrise, Tea for Thought, Cacao Ceremony and Mandala workshop. We often had food delivered from local vegetarian restaurantsContinue reading “Yoga and meditation🧘”

Relationship status👫👭🏽👬🏽

Many people are in unhappy, one-sided or unfaithful relationships. Lots of people who are miserable in their current circumstances. I believe that you have to love and respect yourself before you can love anyone else. Not in an arrogant, self-centred way, but in a way that means you are happy in your skin, you enjoyContinue reading “Relationship status👫👭🏽👬🏽”

Liebster Award🏵️

I am just over a month blogging and I am pleased to have been awarded the Liebster Award. I am not very familiar with blog awards, so bear with me. Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. Answer the 11 questions given to you. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers.Continue reading “Liebster Award🏵️”

Twenty somethings🎂

A confusing time for many. People are finishing University, starting in new careers, attending further education and moving abroad. We are still children inside. Still learning, growing, becoming. Many people are stuck in a loop. They do not wish for change. They stick to a routine, pattern, or what is ‘normal’ for them. The futureContinue reading “Twenty somethings🎂”

Eat well🍏

It can be tricky trying to maintain a healthy diet all of the time. Many people find it difficult to know how much food is too much, how often can I eat sweet things and is this food ‘good’ for you or not? All words are my own thoughts and opinions, I am not aContinue reading “Eat well🍏”

Pack Up🧳

As the quarantine restrictions are easing, we can look forward to hopping on a plane in the not too distant future. I have listed tips below for packing a suitcase and preparing for your next trip. Write a list of things you want to bring- you can start this weeks in advance. You may haveContinue reading “Pack Up🧳”

Healthy or not 😇😈

I am 23 years old and still learning. Learning from past mistakes, learning about myself and learning about the people of the world. Healthy people Are happy. Are happy when others are happy. Do what they can to help people and make sure people are feeling ok. Have a healthy work/life/social balance. Respect themselves andContinue reading “Healthy or not 😇😈”

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