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Tidy your room🛏️

Every now and then I enjoy a good room clean out. It doesn’t take long before there are all sorts thrown in every corner and my wardrobe is bulging. Having a clean room that is junk free can make a difference to your happiness and wellbeing without you even realising. Cleaning out your room canContinue reading “Tidy your room🛏️”

Simple touches to make any room look bigger and brighter✨

Make any room in your house instantly look bigger and brighter using these simple steps. Lighting: Brightly coloured walls can make a room look brighter and feel bigger and airier. Dark colours in the other hand, make a room look smaller. Big windows allow more light into the room than small windows. A light thatContinue reading “Simple touches to make any room look bigger and brighter✨”

How to prepare for an online job interview 💻

People from all over the world have had to work and study at home in recent months. Many job recruiters, companies and organisations have had to stop hiring people. Some, however, continue to hire people, despite uncertain circumstances and unprecedented times. Many people, including myself, have had job interiews via Skype, Zoom or other formsContinue reading “How to prepare for an online job interview 💻”


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