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Minding your mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic 💆

If you enjoy this post click subscribe below🌻 The Coronavirus is a phenomenon that has been affecting the world for a couple of months now. The lockdown period started in Ireland in February, 2020.  People have been confined to their homes for weeks. Schools, colleges and businesses have had to close and large gatherings haveContinue reading “Minding your mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic 💆”

Healthy or not 😇😈

I am 23 years old and still learning. Learning from past mistakes, learning about myself and learning about the people of the world. Healthy people Are happy. Are happy when others are happy. Do what they can to help people and make sure people are feeling ok. Have a healthy work/life/social balance. Respect themselves andContinue reading “Healthy or not 😇😈”

The most magical place in Ireland (and possibly the world)✨

Barretstown Castle, Ballymore Eustace, Co.Kildare From the minute you arrive at the gates, you know you are going to have the most unforgettable time. Barretstown is a free therapeutic and recreational camp for children and their families who are affected by serious life-threatening illnesses. Campers can be from Ireland but there are also campers thatContinue reading “The most magical place in Ireland (and possibly the world)✨”

Looking forward to life after quarantine🔮

There are many things to look forward to after the Coronavirus pandemic settles.Meeting friends on a regular basis, visiting family members, travelling abroad, staying at hotels, driving beyond 5km without getting stopped by the guards, going to the cinema, going for drinks, takeaway coffees, going for food, buying things we don’t need, getting dressed upContinue reading “Looking forward to life after quarantine🔮”

Eat well🍏

It can be tricky trying to maintain a healthy diet all of the time. Many people find it difficult to know how much food is too much, how often can I eat sweet things and is this food ‘good’ for you or not? All words are my own thoughts and opinions, I am not aContinue reading “Eat well🍏”

Study tips✍️

Below I have listed some tips for studying. I did well in my Leaving Cert and have spent the last five years at University, so grab a notebook and take note of these study tips✏️ Flashcards: Flashcards are ideal for writing notes in one small space for when you need to have a quick glance.Continue reading “Study tips✍️”

Love yourself💖

Many people grow up with insecurities, low self-esteem and issues with confidence. I was one of those people. As I grow older, I am learning to love who I am, recognise my self worth and recognise and appreciate my good qualities. What’s not to love about Jo <333🥰🥰🥰 Whether you were bullied when you wereContinue reading “Love yourself💖”

Blackout Tuesday⬛

I stand against racism, injustice, discrimination, abuse and arrogance. I stand for equality, solidarity, inclusion and human rights. Every person has feelings and every person matters. Today, social media platforms were flooded with the message ‘Blackout Tuesday’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ in light of the George Floyd case. It is the year 2020 and itContinue reading “Blackout Tuesday⬛”

Twenty somethings🎂

A confusing time for many. People are finishing University, starting in new careers, attending further education and moving abroad. We are still children inside. Still learning, growing, becoming. Many people are stuck in a loop. They do not wish for change. They stick to a routine, pattern, or what is ‘normal’ for them. The futureContinue reading “Twenty somethings🎂”


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